Back to School Crafting and Creating

We’re in full back to school mode, so today we’ve got creative ideas and projects to help organize your home and show help your kids show their individuality as they go back to school.

Ideas For The Home:

Coat and accessory storage

Dream desk

Mudroom makeover

Magnetic lunch chart

Table with paper scroll

Homemade study center

Sticky note calendar

Loft/bunk bed organizer

Laptop stand for bed

Bringing Fun to School:

Scrapbook pockets

Counting abacus

Embroidered craft cups

Blank art journal

Colored story notebooks

Dip died pencils, stationary and cards

Easy backpack

Roll-up pencil kit

Container magnets

Felt pencil case

DIY pencil pouch

Handmade bookmarks

Confetti pencils

Denim covered pencil can

Stamped pencils

Craft a cute binder

Fabric covered books

DIY galaxy backpack

Colorful bookcovers

Pink eraser USB flash drive

Milk jug lunch box

iPad composition notebook cover

Corner bookmarks

And Even More Ideas:

Even more back to school crafts

Back to school scrapbook ideas

What fun DIY back to school ideas and projects have you tried?

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