Bring Home the Beer

Today we’re cooking with a classic summer ingredient: beer!  Beer is great all year long, but there’s something special about cracking a cold one on a hot summer night with your friends.  So grab a couple extra beers so you can try some of these recipes before the summer ends.


Classic beer bread

Pepperoni and cheese beer bread

Honey whole wheat beer bread

Beer pizza dough

Texas breakfast beer bread

Gluten-free beer bread

Sides and Dinner:

Beer steamed potato hobo pack

Beer battered onion rings

Beer braised sausages with warm potato salad

Beer batter

Beer can chicken

Beer and cheese soup

Beer brisket

Beer braised brats

Spicy beer brined ribs

Beer and cheddar fondue

Beer braised brisket burritos

Beer cheese hushpuppies

Cajun beer burgers

Beer braised beef stew

Beer battered fish and chips

Manila clams in garlic and beer

Beer shrimp boil

Beer battered cremini mushrooms

Desserts and Drinks:

Belgian white ale cookies

Chocolate stout cake

Chocolate stout cupcakes

Beer and bacon toffee sundaes

Beer and orange caramel sauce

Guinness ice cream with dark chocolate honey sauce

Cherry beer

Spicy beer Mary

Ginger beer shandy

What are your favorite recipes to make with beer?

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