Making with Mustard

Today we’re taking a look at an ingredient most of us associate with burgers and hot dogs but is great in other recipes: mustard!

Mustards and Sauces:

Piccata mustard

Mustard dip

Sweet mustard sauce

Grainy mustard aioli

Herbed mustard

Chutney mustard

Mustard vinaigrette

Apricot mustard

Orange mustard glaze

Tangy mustard marinade

Honey mustard


Maple mustard chicken salad sandwiches

Salami chips with grainy mustard dip

Pineapple dijon bread

Hot mustard biscuits

Mustard rye sandwich bread

Honey mustard pretzel snacks

Roasted mustard potatoes

Mustard glazed shallots and carrots

Potato gratin mustard

Mustard chive mashed potatoes

Asparagus with creamy mustard sauce

Asparagus fritter sticks with dill mustard

Crispy mustard chicken with carrots

Poached chicken with grainy mustard sauce

Shrimp with mustard sauce

Mustard glazed salmon

Tuna with mustard seed crust

Mustard in glazed halibut

Chicken in mustard

Grilled cheese with grainy mustard

Steaks with balsamic mustard sauce

Mustard ribs

Mustard herb beef stew

Curried mustard pork chops

Spicy mustard stir fry bites

Pineapple mustard glazed ham

Baked butter beans with mustard

What do you like making with mustard?

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