Love for Lime

Today we’re looking at fresh ways to use lime in your next recipe!  It’s not something you can eat by itself typically, but it’s a great fruit to add to tons of recipes.


Cilantro lime rice

Honey lime rice salad

Cilantro lime mayonnaise

Lime Chile dipping sauce

Lime garlic dipping sauce

Chili lime popcorn

Flank steak with lime marinade

Shrimp and edamame lime

Lime glazed shrimp

Tequila lime shrimp skewers

Shrimp salad with cilantro lime vinaigrette

Mussels with lime juice and mirin

Striped bass with ginger lime sauce

Ginger lime chicken sandwiches

Chile lime pork

Jerk pork wraps with lime mayo

Grilled corn with smoky lime butter

Mixed greens with lime vinaigrette


Lime kiwi freezer jam

Key lime pie

Extra creamy key lime pie

Key lime pie with pretzel crust

Blueberry key lime tart

Flourless chocolate lime cake

Lime cheesecake

Lime souffle

Key lime bars

Coconut lime bars

Lime pecan shortbread bars

Lime cookies

Key lime thumbprints

Lemon lime cupcakes

Cherry lime cups

Lime sabayon

Key lime pie sundaes


Key lime daiquiri

Lime shandies

Ginger lime fizz

Lime rickeys with cilantro

Mango limeade

Key lime martini

What do you like to make with lime?

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