Lots of Lemon

Today we’re taking a look at an ingredient that always makes me think of summer: lemon!  No worries, we’ll have the usual lemonade, lemon squares and lemon meringue as well as lots of new things to try.

Lemon meringue bars

Lemon cookies

Lemon cloud cake

Lavender lemon pudding cakes

Lemon trifle

Lemonade cake

Lemon tart with fresh berries

Lemon meringue cupcakes

Lemon squares

Lemon curd tassies

Mini lemon tarts

Raspberry lemonade squares

Gluten free lemon squares with almond flour crust

Lemon crepes

Lemon blueberry cornmeal cakes

Gluten free lemon pancakes

Lemon basil pasta salad

Lemon orzo

Lemon risotto

Lemon honey sweet rolls

Lemon buns

Lemon brioche

Lemon sherbet

Lemon pudding

Lemon curd

Lemon icey

Lemon drop cocktail

Lemon shandies

Fizzy kiwi lemonade


What do you enjoy making with lemons?

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