Craving Coconut

Today we’re going to take a look at coconuts!  It’s a great scent to add to sunscreen, flavor to add to lots of recipes, and recipes that can be made with the fruit, whether the liquid, shavings or dried flesh.  It’s a great ingredient to add to your summer cooking!


Pani Popo samoan coconut buns

Zucchini coconut muffins

Coconut doughnuts

Pina colada granola

Cherry coconut angel rolls

Lunch and Dinner:

Coconut shrimp

Shrimp in coconut curry

Coconut fish chowder

Spicy coconut chicken casserole

Coconut rice

Coconut almond rice

Spicy coconut dressing

Coconut chutney

Firecracker coconut dip


Gluten free triple chunk oatmeal coconut bars

Coconut biscotti

Coconut pineapple thumbprint cookies

Chocolate snowdrifts

Coconut crisp cookies

Chocolate dipped coconut macaroons

Coconut gingeroons

Coconut cream cheese pinwheels

Toasty coconut wedges

Coconut crunch cookie mix

Bars and Brownies:

Camelot dream bars

Coconut and white chocolate brownies

Coconut caramel bars

Coconut pyramids

Coconut cream pie bars

Coconut candy bars

Coconut cashew bars

Pie and Cake:

Coconut chocolate pecan pie

Coconut cream pie

Vanilla and coconut cake

Coconut cake

Coconut filled lemon cake

Coconut rum cake

Coconut cupcakes

Mississippi mud cake

Other Treats:

Coconut chips

Coconut tapioca pudding

Caramel bread pudding with coconut and banana

Pineapple coconut gelato

Coconut ice cream

Coconut flan

Coconut margarita

What do you like to make with coconut?

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