Days for Doughnuts

Today we’re stepping back from the healthy stuff (we’ll be looking at fruits and vegetables a lot this month) and making doughnuts!  Lots of flavors and options to try!

Yeast raised doughnuts

Old fashioned cake doughnuts

Grilled doughnuts

French doughnuts

Lemon glazed french doughnuts

Applesauce doughnuts

Apple cider baked doughnuts with maple glaze

Maple doughnuts

Pumpkin cake doughnuts

Coconut doughnuts

Vanilla chai doughnuts

Sticky bun doughnuts

Raspberry jam doughnuts

Chocolate fudge cake doughnuts

Devils food doughnuts

Chocolate filled doughnuts

Doughnut Holes, Pops and Twists:

Jelly doughnut holes

Cinnamon baked doughnut holes

Doughnut delights

Toasted almond doughnut pop

Dirt doughnut pop

Honey bee doughnut pop

Candy bar doughnut pop

Chocolate doughnut holes

Bombini doughnuts

Doughnut hole ice cream bites

Twists and holes

Special Order:

Classic beignets

Gluten free baked doughnuts

Red, white and blue doughnut shortcakes

Gluten free sugar glazed doughnuts

What doughnuts are you going to try?


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