Summer Cooking

Today we’re taking a look at some of the yummy recipes you may want to try this weekend and this summer on the grill with friends!


Barbecue baked beans

White beans with peppers

Hot and spicy hush puppies

Skillet cornbread

Glazes, Sauces and More:

Easy BBQ glaze

Quick BBQ sauce

Barbecue rub

Salsa barbecue sauce

Spicy mango barbecue sauce

Memphis style barbecue sauce

Peach and bourbon barbecue sauce

Chipotle molasses barbecue sauce

Kansas City barbecue sauce

Chicago steakhouse sauce

Peach mustard BBQ sauce

Chile coffee BBQ sauce

Sliders, Burgers and Buns:

Cheese burger buns

Basic burger buns

Pretzel sandwich buns

Blue cheese stuffed burger

Cheese stuffed burger

Cedar planked burgers

Veggie patties

Tuna burgers with tapenade aioli

Tangy meatloaf burgers

Wild mushroom cheddar burger

Southwest turkey burger


Barbecued chicken tenders

Brown sugar barbecue chicken drumettes

Barbecued chicken wings

Wings of fire

Peachy barbecue chicken

Honey sriracha grilled chicken thighs

Asian barbecued chicken

Barbecued Chinese chicken lettuce wrap

BBQ chicken kabobs with potatoes and summer squash


Barbecued oysters

Slow roasted salmon with green sauce

Easy barbecue shrimp

Louisiana barbecued shrimp

Nantucket swordfish with browned butter sauteed pecans

Barbecued catfish

Spicy barbecued shrimp skewers

Barbecued salmon with corn relish


Barbecued pork and apple kebabs

Molasses glazed grilled pork loin

Pulled pork with strawberry BBQ sauce

Beer braised BBQ pork butt

Oklahoma Joe’s pulled pork

Glazed pork belly with ginger barbecue sauce

Ribs and chops:

Honey chipotle glazed ribs

Easy barbecued spare ribs

Red chile lamb chops

Ribs with Dr. Pepper barbecue sauce

Sweet and spicy BBQ ribs

Texas cowboy style ribs

Apricot chipotle pork ribs

Baby back ribs with plum BBQ sauce

What are your favorite BBQ recipes?


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