Lots of Lamb

Today we’re taking a look at a meat that not everyone enjoys but when prepared well can bring some fresh options to the dinner table: lamb.  Coming up later this week we’ll take a look at some BBQ recipes you can try for Memorial Day or the coming summer too.

Northern Indian lamb meatballs

Lamb burgers

Lamb burger with yogurt sauce

Lam pita pizzas

Individual lamb pies

Smoky lamb gyros

Greek lamb wraps

Lamb and goat cheese strudel

Brown rice risotto with lamb

Moroccan lamb

Lamb curry

Lamb and squash tagine

Eggplant and lamb al forno

Lamb and white bean salad

Irish lamb stew

Lamb stuffed portobellos

Turkish rice soup with lamb

Lentil and lamb soup

Lamb and orzo soup with spinach

Parmesan herb lamb chops

Mongolian lamb chops

Red chili lamb chops

Tuscan lamb chop skillet

Lamb kabobs

Rack of lamb

Lamb with rosemary and port

Crown roast of lamb

Spicy sticky lamb chops

Classic rosemary lamb

What do you like to cook with lamb?


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