Cinco de Mayo Celebrations

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo.  It’s a great opportunity to eat some Mexican, play with a pinata, and take a siesta!!  Here are some recipes so you can continue the celebration all weekend long.



Telera rolls

Tamale pie

Mexican frittata

Breakfast mingas

Mexican pizza with chorizo

Cod and potato stew

Shrimp ceviche tostada with fennel and grapefruit

Mexican shrimp salad

Chicken and tortilla soup

Picadillo style chicken taco salad

Jalapeno peach wonton poppers

Baked tilapia veracruz

Spicy buffalo tacos

Pork empanadas with jicama and pico de gallo

Crispy chicken mini tacos

Garlicky guacamole



Quesadilla coffeecake

Tres leches cake

Mexican snowballs

Cinnamon spiced chocolate brownies

Mexican chocolate pudding

Baked apples with Mexican chocolate

Apple pie chimichangas

Churro ice cream sandwiches

Double feature cupcakes with Mexican hot chocolate frosting

Sopapillas with chocolate sauce



Mexican hot chocolate

Mango margarita

Classic margarita

Passion fruit margarita

Pomegranate margarita

Jalapeno margarita

Pineapple chili margaritas

Acai margaritas

What are your favorite Mexican and Mexican inspired recipes?

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