Prime Rib Recipes

Today we’re taking at look at some ways of dressing up the crowd favorite prime rib.

Rib eye steaks with hot as heck sauce

Herbed prime rib with two sauces

Marinated prime rib

Ancho rubbed prime rib with grilled papaya butter

Moroccan rib roast

Ribeyes with garden tomatoes

Tomato crusted beef ribeye roast

Beef rib roast

Ribeyes with chipotle butter

Masala spiced rib eye steaks with tomato okra relish

Prime rib sandwiches with horseradish sauce

Smoked prime rib with red wine steak sauce

Herb salt crusted prime rib

Black pepper crusted prime rib

Herb crusted prime rib roast

Roast prime rib with thyme au jus

What are your favorite prime rib recipes?

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