Craving Cups of Chocolate

Today we’re going to look at two ways to eat chocolate: mousse and pudding!


Chocolate ricotta mousse

White chocolate mousse

Tofu chocolate mousse

Individual chocolate mousse

White chocolate mousse with cherry sauce

Genoise torte with chocolate and praline caramel mousses

Bittersweet chocolate mousse torte

Chocolate mousse tart with hazelnuts

Frozen chocolate mousse tart

Gluten free nut crusted chocolate mousse tart

White chocolate mousse tarts

Frozen chocolate mousse trifles

Chocolate chestnut mousse cake

Milk chocolate mousse cake with cashew brittle

Chocolate mousse cake with raspberries

Chocolate icebox pie

Chocolate peppermint mousse pie

Mini frozen mousse pops

Frozen chocolate nougat mousse


Chocolate ginger pudding

Mocha chip pudding

Chocolate yogurt pudding

Chocolate cinnamon pudding

Lighter chocolate cinnamon pudding

Chocolate intemperance

Stovetop chocolate pudding and pie filling

Pots de creme

Individual dark chocolate pudding cakes

Chocolate pudding cake version one, version two

Dessert shot parfaits

S’mores pudding dessert

What are your favorite chocolate pudding and mousse recipes?

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