Cooking with Cabbage

With St. Patrick’s Day on Thursday I thought today we’d look at one of my favorite leafy vegetables, cabbage.

Napa cabbage slaw

Double cabbage slaw

Tangy cabbage slaw

Asian cabbage slaw

Cabbage and green apple slaw

Peanut chicken with cabbage slaw

Cabbage and herb slaw with oranges

Cabbage and radish slaw with peanut dressing

Oriental cabbage slaw

Cranberry and walnut cabbage slaw

Asian stuffed cabbage

Small rice stuffed cabbages

Rice stuffed cabbage

Pork stuffed cabbage rolls

Sweet and sour cabbage rolls

Guatemalan red cabbage relish

Japanese cabbage salad

Napa cabbage salad with peanuts and ginger

Spicy shredded Napa cabbage salad

Red cabbage salad with spicy grilled chicken and pepitas

Muenster cabbage and apple sandwiches

Red cabbage and onion tarts

Shredded cabbage

Braised cabbage

Cabbage chips

Ginger braised red cabbage

Pork and cabbage slaw burritos

Japanese cabbage stew

Gingered pork and cabbage soup

Stir fry cabbage

What do you like to do with cabbage?

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