Pieces of Pound Cake

Today we’re honoring the simple dessert, the pound cake.  You can do so much with it, and it’s delicious all on its own!

Pound cake:

Original pound cake

Sour cream cake

Vanilla pound cake

Orange pound cake

Lemon glazed pound cake

Brown sugar sour cream pound cake

Chai spiced pound cake

Cream cheese pound cake

Orange pound cake with bourbon glaze

Berry cornmeal pound cake

Blackberry swirl pound cake

Almond polenta pound cake

Chocolate pound cake

Cherry preserves pound cake

Chocolate marble pound cake

Banana nut pound cake

Lime infused coconut pound cake

Gluten free pound cake with cranberries

Pound cake plus:

Pound cake tiramisu

Grilled chocolate

Cardamom pound cake with roasted late summer fruits

Cinnamon toasted pound cake

Strawberry fig sauce on pound cake

Pound cake with peaches and cream

Tutti frutti pound cake

Merry mocha pound cake

Toasted pound cake with citrus cream

Toasted pound cake with strawberries and chocolate cream

Grilled pineapple pound cake a la mode

Grilled pound cake sundaes with raspberry topping

What are your favorite pound cake recipes and desserts?


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