Marzipan Magic

Today for a little fun we’re going to play with food.  Marzipan is made from almonds and can be used in recipes as well as to create lots of fun shapes and creations.

Making marzipan

Paleo marzipan

Marzipan acorns

Marzipan pumpkins

Marzipan penguins

Marzipan carrots

Marzipan bees

Marzipan bumblebee

Marzipan ladybugs

Marzipan starfish

Monkey, elephant, lion and giraffe

Marzipan ghost

Marzipan skull

More marzipan fruits and vegetables

Farm animals

Marzipan roses

Marzipan bunny

Pie, fruits and vegetables

What fun shapes will you create?

Awesome Apricots

We’re switching things up a bit this year!  Tuesdays I’ll be sharing recipes featuring one ingredient, today is apricots, Saturdays will be creative, crafting and activity posts, and occasionally there will be a Thursday post for a special occasion, festival, season or holiday, plus you’re always invited to share your talents or someone else’s on Feature Friday.  If you’ve got any ingredients you want featured or any other suggestions feel free to share them in the comments below the post.

Apricot hamantaschen

Baked brie with apricot jam

Cranberry apricot quick bread

Apricot almond coffeecake

Apricot cream cheese scones

Ginger apricot panettone

Apricot cake

Apricot fruit leather rolls

Apricot chiffon pie

Cranberry apricot pie

Apricot tart

Apricot shortbread

Apricot thumbprints

Apricot bow ties

Perfect bite apricot and creme fraiche

Apricot pie coconut crumble

Apricot cheesecake bars

Apricot rugelach

Apricot ganache tartlets

Coconut apricot macaroons

Apricot fig compote

Apricot anise nut bread

Apricot fig meringue bars

Rice pudding with dried apricots

Apricot filled muffins

Apricot pistachio oat bars

Apricot nut bars

Wheat berry salad with dried apricots

White chocolate apricot and oatmeal cookies

Creamy apricot rice pudding

What are your favorite apricot recipes?