Sweet Shortbread

Today we’re talking about one of my favorite foods, shortbread.  Shortbread adds a unique and distinct flavor profile to any dessert table.


Scottish shortbread

Springerle shortbread

Irish cream shortbread

Solstice shortbread

Chocolate shortbread

Gingerbread Springerle shortbread

Maple shortbread

Orange cream shortbread

Pistachio shortbread

Pecan shortbread

Millionaires shortbread

Earl grey shortbread

Lavender shortbread

Chocolate chip shortbread

Fruit and nut holiday shortbread

Citrus shortbread

Pecan shortbread logs

Red velvet shortbread

Oatmeal shortbread

Gluten free orange vanilla shortbread

Gluten free almond flour shortbread

Gluten free coconut flour shortbread

Gluten free maple pecan shortbread

What are your favorite shortbread recipes?


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