Hanukkah Happenings

Today we’re taking a look at some Hanukkah holiday traditions with some foods and crafts.


Classic challah

Harvest apple challah

Cinnamon apple raisin challah

Whole wheat challah

Challah french toast

Chard and caramelized shallot noodle kugel

Potato latkes

Roast vegetable tsimmes with apricots

Beef brisket with dried fruit

Roast chicken with wild rice dressing

Sephardic chicken soup with sofrito and herbed matzo balls

Sweet and sour short ribs

Apricot glazed chicken with dried plums and sage

Challah bread pudding with chocolate and raisins

Apricot gelt

Marhsmallow dreidels

Holiday pistachio cutouts


Cherry nut rugelach


Stripes and stars card

Invitation for Hanukkah gathering

Hanukkah slider card

Embossed stars card

Layered star card

Party place cards

Napkin rings

Menorah hanging

Starry stamped table runner

Star punched paper hurricanes

Wooden block menorah

Yarn ball wreath

20 more Hanukkah crafts and decorations

How are you going to celebrate Hanukkah?


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