A Green Christmas

I’m a little nervous and a little excited how quickly it seems that Christmas has appeared!  With all the trees and wreaths I’ve been seeing I thought I’d share some fun wreath, tree and greenery inspired crafts and creations with you today.


Shatterproof ornament wreath

Ornament wreath chandelier

Wreath and fireplace door decoration

Cozy lodge open frame wreath

Christmas ornament wreath

Christmas mesh wreath

Whimsy white Christmas wreath

Christmas wood initial grapevine wreath

Red and white wreath

Red pinecone wreath

Straw star wreath

Cedar wreath chandelier

Gingerbread man wreath

Ornament pipe cleaner wreath

Jingle bell holiday wreath card

Trees, Garland and Mantels:

Mesh and greens embellished mantle

Traditional paper pinwheel trees

Floral mantel garland

Paint and glitter paper mache trees

Mason jar seedling planter

Shimmering stacked trees

Felt tree bottle cover

Feather Christmas tree

Light string tree

Tabletop Christmas tree

Embroidered fabric Christmas tree

Even more fun ideas:

Kissing ball

Nature ornaments

Evergreen bobeches

Holiday flower arrangement

How do you decorate with wreaths, trees and other Christmas greens?

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