Sandwich Surprise

Today we’re taking a look at some quick and easy sandwiches you can try to add some variety to your life, as well as a ton of great homemade bread recipes you can make for extra special sandwiches


White bread

Pretzel sandwich rolls

Oatmeal bread

Rustic loaf

Whole wheat oatmeal and honey

Harvest grains

Sourdough ciabatta rolls

Crunchy seed braid

Gluten free sandwich bread

Whole wheat, nut and seed bread

Caraway rye bread

Portuguese sweet bread


Grilled vegetable panini

Cuban sandwich

Grilled meatloaf

Cheddar and ham on buttermilk biscuits

Pulled pork with coleslaw

Grilled cheese with apple and arugula

Cucumber sandwiches

Pit beef sandwiches

Italian beef sandwiches

Sloppy veggie sandwiches

Muenster, cabbage and apple sandwiches

Turkey meatball grinder

Mediterranean breakfast sandwiches

Tomato avocado and grilled cheese

Rotisserie chicken banh-mi

Chorizo chicken burger

Chorizo grinders with spicy salsa

Turkey avocado clubs

Tuna everything bagel

What’s your favorite sandwich?


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