Beautiful Beets

Today we’re taking a look at a yummy summer vegetable, the beet!  They come in several colors/varieties, and just like carrots and lettuce you can eat them raw!

Meat and Fish:

Sauteed beet greens, roasted beets and pork tenderloin

Gemelli, red cabbage, beets and prosciutto

Halibut and roasted beets

Beet gazpacho with shrimp

Warm Dishes:

Boiled beets with sauteed beet greens

Roasted garlic and beet soup

Beets with pasta and ricotta

Lentils, ginger, golden beets and herbs

Beet green pierogi with mixed summer beets, brown butter sauce, and ricotta salata

Rosy beet risotto

Roasted beet tapenade

Salads and Sides:

Beet and brown rice salad with goat cheese

Baby beet salad with sugar snap peas

Roasted beet salad with pomegranate molasses

Roasted beet and dandelion greens

Beet salad with honey lavender dressing

Beet chip and goat cheese Hors d’Oeuvres

Warm beet salad

Marinated beet salad

Ginger pickled beets

Roasted beets with mint yogurt sauce

Beet cabbage and carrot slaw with caraway seeds

Raw beet slaw with fennel, tart apple and parsley

Beet and carrot slaw

Tomato and beet salad

Dips and Drinks:

Roasted beet and white bean hummus

Roasted beet hummus

Beet, apple and mint juice

Carrot and beet juice



How do you enjoy beets?


Appetite for August week 2

Here we are of week 2 bars for breakfast, oysters for lunch, catfish for dinner, and creamsicles and root beer floats for dessert and drinks.

Breakfast: chewy granola bars

Lunch: oysters on the half-shell with watermelon granita

Dinner: blackened catfish poboy with light tarter sauce

Dessert: root beer float cupcakes

Drink: orange creamsicle float

Dreaming with Dinosaurs

Today we’re getting creative with the creatures you’re hearing about everywhere from the big screen to the newest national park; dinosaurs!

Plaster dinosaur

Clothespin dinosaur

Ice dinosaur breakout

Dinosaur scavenger hunt

Homemade dinosaur bones

Erupting dinosaur volcano

Toilet paper roll dinosaur

Prehistoric bugs

Dinosaur hat

Dinosaur track flip-flops

Glowing sand dinosaur dig

Paper mache dinosaur bank

Dino grass heads

Days of the dinosaur party ideas

More dinosaur party ideas

What are your favorite dinosaur activities and crafts?

Planning with Peaches

Today we’ve got recipes with one of my favorite summer fruits, peaches!  I’m a big fan of less-than-ripe fruits and peaches are no exception, but they’re also great when cooked!

Scones, muffins and pastries:

Peach scones

Peach muffins

Peach pastries

Peach cookies

Peach Melba pie pops

Peach pie crumble bars

Pies, crisps, cakes and tarts:

Peach tart

Peach betty

Peach macaroon cobbler

Peach crisp

Upside-down peach gingerbread

Peach bourbon upside-down cake

Peach and cornmeal upside-down cake

Fresh peach cake

Peach pie

Drinks and other treats:

Peach salsa

Caramelized peach ice cream

Peaches-n-cream ice pops

Peach and plum jam

Peach jam

Peach shakes

Peach margaritas with peach wedges

Green ginger peach smoothies

White peach sangria

What are your favorite things to make with peaches?

An Accessory Touch Part 2

Last week I shared some fun earrings and bracelets you can make, today I’ve got some necklaces and set ideas.


Golden geometric necklace

Neon rope chain necklace

Chunky pearl statement necklace

Sea glass necklace

Sand and sea necklace

Multi strand pearl necklace

Baroque pearl collar

Beechy Keen necklace

Gypsy desert layering necklace

Ink swirl heart pendant

Glitter heart necklace

Button necklace

Spaced hex nut necklace


Tassel necklace and earrings

Wire wrapped jewelry

Multi strand necklace, bracelet and earrings

Simple colorful jewelry

Clay jewelry beads

Dyed pearl jewelry

What are your favorite creative jewelry designs?