Crazy for Corn

Today we’re celebrating one of my favorite vegetables: corn!  Whether on the cob, in a salad, by itself or in a dish it’s one of my favorites.

Soups and sides

Chilled corn soup

Summer corn chowder

Lobster and corn chowder

Southwest corn chowder

Cheddar corn chowder

Corn and green chili muffins

Roasted corn and crab dip

Corn dip with tomatoes and basil

Corn salsa

Corn fritters

Grilled potato kabobs with lemon-herb drizzle


Spinach salad with chicken, corn, tomatoes and feta

Chilled corn and crab salad

Corn, zucchini and orzo salad

Corn salad

Confetti summer salad

Fresh corn and rice salad

Black bean and corn salad


Orecchiette, corn, arugula and tuna

Orzo, tuna, corn and asparagus

Mussels, corn, cherry tomatoes and tarragon

Penne with lobster, corn, zucchini and arugula

Steamed bass with corn and zucchini

Shrimp and corn tacos

Low country boil

More Main Dishes:

Corn stuffed poblano chilies

Baked rice with sausage, peppers and corn

White chili with cornbread

Corn and basil tart

What are your favorite ways to eat corn?


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