Planning with Peaches

Today we’ve got recipes with one of my favorite summer fruits, peaches!  I’m a big fan of less-than-ripe fruits and peaches are no exception, but they’re also great when cooked!

Scones, muffins and pastries:

Peach scones

Peach muffins

Peach pastries

Peach cookies

Peach Melba pie pops

Peach pie crumble bars

Pies, crisps, cakes and tarts:

Peach tart

Peach betty

Peach macaroon cobbler

Peach crisp

Upside-down peach gingerbread

Peach bourbon upside-down cake

Peach and cornmeal upside-down cake

Fresh peach cake

Peach pie

Drinks and other treats:

Peach salsa

Caramelized peach ice cream

Peaches-n-cream ice pops

Peach and plum jam

Peach jam

Peach shakes

Peach margaritas with peach wedges

Green ginger peach smoothies

White peach sangria

What are your favorite things to make with peaches?


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