Magic Macaroons

Today we’re celebrating the tasty coconut with macaroon recipes!  Hint: they’re a tasty treat for mom!

Chocolate dipped coconut macaroons

Coconut pineapple thumbprint cookies

Chocolate coconut macaroon bars

Chocolate macaroon cake

Coconut pyramids

Coconut chocolate macaroons

Chocolate coconut macaroon cups

Black bottom coconut bars

Coconut macaroon tartlets

Coconut apricot macaroons

Orange coconut macaroons

Raspberry macaroons in chocolate shells

Chocolate chunk macaroons

Peach macaroon cobbler

Coconut macaroon cheesecake

Coconut cranberry macaroon

Mayan macaroon cupcakes

Lemon currant macaroons

Paradise macaroons

Lemon coconut macaroons

What are your favorite coconut and macaroon recipes?


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