Celebrating Cinco De Mayo

Today we’re getting ready for Cinco de Mayo!  I’m ready for some good Mexican food and a drink or two!  If you’re curious here’s some of the history behind the holiday.



Straw flowers

Punched tin napkin rings

Ribbon lanterns

Tissue paper fringe decorations


Spicy chicken empanadas

Shrimp and snapper seviche tomatillos

Avocado bar

Sweet and smoky brittle

Fajita style quesadillas

Street enchiladas

Pork tenderloin adobo with cilantro, raisin and almond rice

Huaraches con carnitas

Mexican black bean pizza

Chorizo topped Mexican pizzas

Fish tacos with cabbage and chile pepper slaw

Cupcakes with Mexican hot chocolate frosting

Mexican brownies

Chocolate tequila mousse

Coconut flan

Tres leches cake


Spiced pineapple cocktail

Tequila thyme lemonade

Tequila cranberry cooler

Tequila sunrise

Chile citrus margarita

Coconut margarita

Elderflower tequila slipper

What will you be making to celebrate Cinco De Mayo?


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