Pecan Pleasure

Today our humble ingredient is the pecan.  Ironically, “Pecan” is from an Algonquian word meaning a nut requiring a stone to crack.  Today’s recipes are mostly dessert ones, but there are a few for lunch too!

Baked brie with pecans

Pecan crusted catfish

Pecan risoto

Wild rice with pecans and cherries

Pecan stuffed chicken breast

Organic whole wheat sandwich bread with oats and pecans

Butter pecan toaster cakes

Pecan wheat bread

Baked banana pecan oatmeal

Honey pecan granola

Pecan pie muffins

Banana bread with pecans

Lyles golden pecan mini pies

Old fashioned apple cake with brown sugar frosting

Caramel crunch blondies

Caramel pecan cheesecake

Caramel pecan fudge tarts

Chocolate chunk pecan pie

Pecan and salted caramel candies

Butter pecan kringle

Butter pecan biscotti

Brown butter chocolate chip cookies with pecans

Oat and pecan caramel sandwiches

Spiced maple-glazed pecans

Brown sugar and pecan shortbreads

Upside-down pecan cake

Sticky buns

Pecan squares

Salted caramel pecan shake

What do you like to cook or bake with pecans?


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