Bunnies And Birds

Easter is coming up so today I’m sharing some cute bunny and bird ideas.

Bunny Crafts:

Bunny fold napkins

Plastic Easter egg bunnies

Sew an Easter bunny basket

Carrot burlap wall art

Crepe paper Easter creations

Bunny ears

Rabbit finger puppet card

Easter bunny garland

Easter bunny card

Stuffed menswear bunny

Quilt a carrot table runner

Bunny Treats:

Easter bunny cupcake

Carrot cheesecake with marzipan carrots

Easter bunny cake

Raspberry lemon Easter cake with cookie bunnies

Bird Crafts:

Needle felted chicks

Easter place cards

Egg chicks

Bird Treats:

Marshmallow chicks and bunnies

Nesting bird cupcake

Chick cupcake

Bird’s nest cupcake

Bird’s nest cookies

Nesting baby bluebird cupcakes

Chick and egg cupcake

Lemon macaroon chicks

What fun and tasty things will you be inspired to create with chick and bunnies this year?


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