Savory Scallops

Today’s ingredient is the scallop, it’s a shell fish that isn’t usually served on the shell, like oysters, but can be. Buying tip: if scallops are stark white, it’s a sign that they’ve been soaked in water

Spicy seared

Seared with pomegranate dressing

Asian broth poached with shrimp and soba noodles

Kebabs with orange and cucumber

Scallops with sherry and saffron couscous

Stir fry

Po boy with spicy mayo

Spaghetti with bay scallops, leeks and tarragon

Orange flavored

Snap pea stir fry

In white wine

Stew with shrimp and couscous

No-beach clambake

Scallops, mussels and asparagus salad

Grilled drunken shrimp and scallops skewers

Mediterranean casserole

Piri piri scallops with spinach pineapple salad

Seared scallop tequila shooters

Seafood chowder

What are your favorite scallop recipes?

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