Super Spinach

Yes, this week’s ingredient is the ever-famous spinach.  Did you know that they didn’t actually make up the power of spinach for Popeye?  Yes, it’s actually really good for you, one of the best leafy greens, and it’s low in calories too!


Breakfast biscuits

Scrambled eggs, spinach and tomatoes

Pineapple spinach juice

Sunny side up eggs and baby spinach flatbread

Spinach and Gruyere quiches

Spinach and bacon quiche

Spinach and cheddar souffle

Quinoa spinach bake

Lunch and Dinner:

Steamed spinach with lemon

Fried black rice with ginger tofu and spinach

Barley, Brussels sprouts, spinach and edamame

Mushroom spinach and scallion tart

Spinach pie

Stuffed pizza

Spinach and ricotta calzone

Creamy shells with tuna and spinach

Shrimp, tomatoes, spinach and rice

Salmon, spinach and chick peas

Italian wedding soup

Broccoli and spinach soup with avocado toasts

Spinach and tortellini soup

Creamy shrimp and spinach stew

Ricotta and spinach stuffed shells

Spinach mac and cheese

Pasta with spinach and edamame

Spinach and brie chicken with tomato orzo

What do you like to make with spinach?

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