Southern USA Specialties

Today I’ve got some more all-American recipes to share!  We’re taking a tour of the south today (last week we did the Northeast, still to come are the Midwest and West).

Sides and Starters:

Southern biscuits


Tex-Mex mac and cheese

Texas Chili

Texas red chili

Texas 2 bean salad


New Orleans BBQ shrimp

Maryland crab bisque

Scallops Charleston

Florida citrus grilled grouper

Fiery Cajun shrimp

Maryland crab cakes

Southern style pan fried catfish

Southern fried chicken

South Carolina ribs

Grilled Texas style beef ribs

Louisiana hot sauce chicken sandwich with Cajun ranch dressing

Cajun jambalaya


Classic key lime pie

Key lime sables


New Orleans pecan pie bread pudding

New Orleans style bread pudding with whiskey sauce

Marshmallow cookie sandwiches

Fresh apple cake from Georgia

Georgia peach souffle

Southwest Georgia pound cake

Southern sour cream pralines

Tennessee banana black walnut cake with caramel frosting


Tennessee cherry cocktail

Mint julep

Whiskey sour

Tennessee lemonade

What are your favorite southern recipes?


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