Thanksgiving Treats

Today we begin our Thanksgiving journey with great dishes you can make and please the whole family with for Thanksgiving!

Satisfying Stuffing:

Cherry pecan cornbread

Cranberry apple cornbread


Chestnut and apple

Sausage and apple

Sausage and herb

Carrot mushroom

Sourdough bread

Awesome Appetizers:

Wild rice dressing

Barley and butternut squash

Butternut squash baked risotto

Sweet potato souffle

Cheesy mashed potato pots

Hot spinach dip

Turmeric ginger mushrooms

Mini mac-and-shrooms

Cinnamon apple cranberry sauce

Turkey Time:

Vegetarian mushroom gravy


Marmalade glazed

Cider brined with maple cider glaze

Herb roasted

Memphis fried

Black pepper with pomegranate molasses glazed

Apple cranberry glazed

Spiced and super juicy roast turkey

Pumpkin Pie and More Pumpkin:

Pumpkin seed candy

Mini pecan and pumpkin pies

Pie with cranberry topping

Mini pumpkin pies

Pumpkin pie in a cup

Maple pumpkin custard

Slow cooker pumpkin butter

Pumpkin pancakes

Thanksgiving muffins

Harvest scones

Pumpkin bread

Whole grain pumpkin banana bread

Pumpkin walnut biscuits

Pumpkin praline muffins

Thanksgiving Treats:

Ginger squash cake with white chocolate frosting

Fruity Indian pudding

Marshmallow pilgrim hats

Oreo turkeys

Apple slab pie with crumb topping

Fruit and almond tart

Lime pecan shortbread bars

Pecan pie

Turkey Tomorrow:

Pulled turkey

Turkey shepherds pot pie

Turkey pot pie with cheesy biscuit toping

Turkey chili with cheesy cornbread topping

Turkey vegetable soup

Turkey and rice soup

What are you planning for Thanksgiving?


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