Great Grains

Today we’re honoring some of the tasty little guys of cooking: grains. You know, rice, quinoa, and one of my favorites barley.

Salads and Sides:

Orzo and wild rice

Thai fried rice

Cooked basmati rice

Spring herb rice

Creamy risotto with asparagus and peas

Garden risotto

Red wine risotto with peas

Turkey pilaf

Seven spice rice pilaf

Quinoa and almond pilaf

Wild rice pilaf with cranberries and pecans

Five grain salad

Barley salad with herbs

Curried barley

Sweet and spicy barley

Sweet potato and barley salad

Lentil quinoa salad

Quinoa toss with chickpeas and herbs

Main Courses:

Wild rice soup

Roast chicken, lemon and rice soup

Beef and barley vegetable soup

Chicken barley soup

Lentil and barley soup with sausage

Beef, roasted mushroom and barley soup

Vegetable barley salad

Barley stuffed peppers

Spanish rice with chicken and shrimp

Chicken Alfredo and rice casserole

Chicken satay stir-fry with orange scented jasmine rice

Ginger shrimp and rice

Steamed halibut with lemon olive quinoa

Rice and bean frittata

And More:

Quinoa, apricot and nut clusters

Vanilla rice pudding

Brown rice pudding

What are your favorite things to make with rice, barley and quinoa?

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