Totally Tea

January is Hot Tea month.  Of course I’m a huge fan of tea, its one of my favorite things to drink!  Today we’ve got a collection of drink recipes as well as food recipes that use tea in them.


Ginger pear tea

Lowfat green tea, honey and nutmeg smoothies

Ginger tea

Spiced tea

Chai Latte

Orange spice hot mulled wine


Grilled fruit with spiced chai syrup

Souffle pancake with apple pear compote

Sweet tea brined fried chicken

Spice tea breakfast bread pudding

Tea poached salmon

Jasmine tea rice

Little sitcky toffee puddings

Grilled green tea chicken and peaches

Moroccan lentil stew

Chamomile braised chicken

Caramel apple crunch muffins

Cream tea scones

Brown scones with walnuts and golden raisins

Fruited tea buns

Gluten-free ginger oatmeal muffins

What do you love most about tea?

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