New Year, Fresh You

Happy New Year!  I’m so excited for this new year, I’ve got lots of great things planned!  You’ll be seeing some changes roll out over the next few weeks (hopefully sooner rather than later), changes that will help me better help you and hopefully help us both enjoy life and improve our lives.  Today though I thought I’d share some thoughts on this new year with you.  They’re not resolutions, nor are they really goals, just some creative and heart-felt thoughts.

~A new year doesn’t mean starting over, it can be just a re-start.

~Learning a new skill is a great idea, but sometimes you should just practice the skills you already have.

~Exercise is only as painful as you make it.  Do what you want, just get your body moving.

~Getting organized is about getting rid of stuff, releasing stuff, and putting away that which you actually want and need.

~Life seems to move at the speed of light, so why don’t more of us see the light?

~Listen to your heart and body.  They know you better than you think you do.

~Spend time in nature daily, you’ll be re-inspired and feel better too.

~Keep it simple.  No one likes or needs complicated things.

~Don’t be afraid of change, only of the rest of the world changing and leaving you behind.

~Create intentionally.  Mistakes aren’t mistakes if you’re intentionally creating new and different things.

What are you going to do with this new year?

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