Celebrating Cookies

We’re continuing our celebration of Christmas today with some delicious cookie recipes!  I love cookies so this is always one of the things I check out at each holiday party!

Santa hats

Chocolate batons

Ice cream treewiches

Apricot thumbprints

White chocolate cranberry

Chocolate espresso snowcaps


Pecan lace

Honey almond cherry shortbread

Mini peppermint meringue cups

Cranberry noels

Cream cheese walnut cookies

More Santa hats



Tropical fruitcake cookies

Vanilla crescents

Butter pecan cookies


Santa’s jellybean cookies

Chocolate chip shortbread

Dutch spice

Peppermint candy cane twists

Blackberry strudel

Lemon blueberry

Chai spice cookies

Chocolate melting snowmen

Christmas sandies

Snowball trees

Eggnog spritz


Some healthier options:

Cocoa nutmeg snickerdoodles

Ginger pecan oatmeal crisps


Gluten free chocolate peppermint snaps

What are your favorite holiday cookies?  Share them below!


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