Perfecting Pot Pie

September is a month of warm and wonderful holidays, one of the days we celebrate is National Pot Pie day.  This interesting creation has certainly gotten a bad reputation over the years, and many moms have filled pot pies with things kids wouldn’t want to eat voluntarily.  They are great for meals that you don’t have time to give a lot of attention to or when you need a good, warm, hearty meal for a group.  I’ve included some recipes that would appeal more to kids, as well as some that will appeal more to adults palates.

Chicken and Turkey



Lightened up

Southwestern with jalapeno cornbread topping

Potpies with puff pastry

Potpies with ham

Turkey with biscuits

Turkey and string bean


Shrimp and andouille

Spicy seafood

Charleston crab

Corn and crab chowder


Beef, Vegetable, Sausage

Vegetable beef


Chili with cornmeal crust

Italian sausage

Shepherd’s pie

What about you?  What are your favorite things to include in a pot pie?


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