Celebrating Grandparents

Yesterday was National Grandparents Day in the USA, but if you’ve missed celebrating, don’t worry! I believe that Grandparents should be appreciated as often as possible for their contributions to your life and the world.  Today I’ve got a couple of fun ideas for you to creatively celebrate the grandparents in your life!

Create cards with the grand-kids artwork.  Scribbles, figures and even whole pictures are great things to use to decorate and create the fronts of cards, as well as include inside.

Framed art with “thank you” in it.  Framing the grand-kids artwork is a cute way to help the grandparents keep the art for a long time, and be able to interchange it with new artwork as the kids grow.

Video greetings.  Video is super popular with lots of people, although not every grandparent knows how it works yet.  It’s a great way to share special moments with grandparents who don’t live very close to their grandchildren.

Create a book of pictures and memories.  There are lots of ways you can do this one.  One, is to scrapbook the memories yourself.  Of course you can always turn to the older simple photo albums.  There are also some super creative photo books that are easy to make and create online, and then have physical copies printed.

Memory jars. If you’ve never had a memory jar, it’s a great way to keep some of the treasures you’ve found over the years, or from a particular adventure, without them all gathering dust or getting broken or in the way.  I suggest that if you’re going to gift a jar, just start one don’t fill it up, so there’s lots of room for new memories and items to be added.

Start a collection together.  It’s lots of fun to know that even if you’re not together you can still do something together.  Great things to collect are stuffed animals, clay figurines, books, pictures or artwork.  You can take pictures of what the grand-kids find and share it with the grandparents.

What do you do to celebrate and honor the grandparents (or similar figures) in your life?


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