Summer Smores

Today we’re talking about the yummy, delicious, addicting s’mores. This summer time treat is a perfect addition to your end of summer parties.  I love how gooey they are and while the original is great, I do love trying different ideas!

Chocolaty caramel nut s’more bar

S’more bread pudding

Coconut fruit s’mores

Peanut butter s’more quesadillas

White chocolate blackberry s’mores

Matzo s’mores

S’mores sundaes

Marshmallow cookie sandwiches

S’mores mini cakes

S’mores bark

S’mores squares

S’mores cookies

Spicy, smoky s’mores bars

Chai s’mores

Double chocolate coconut s’mores

S’mores eclairs

Mexa s’mores

S’more eggrolls

S’mores cheesecake bars

S’more crescent puffs

Peachy caramel s’mores

Popcorn s’mores

S’more roll-ups

What do you like to do with your marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers?  Share your favorite ideas below.


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