Let’s Relax!

Today is National Relaxation Day in the USA.  To celebrate, I thought I’d share some creative ways you can relax and enjoy life more.

Take a vacation: No, you don’t have to go all the way to a far off land or tropical island to have a vacation, a vacation could just be an afternoon at your local coffee shop with a novel or drawing pad.  It could also be a night at the hotel nearby for just you and your partner, rather than being at home or planning a big, expensive vacation.

Make the moments count: it’s hard to relax with all the stressors we have around us.  On those rare moments that you do have to relax and enjoy yourself, go all out.  Instead of just taking a bath, take a bubble bath with eye mask, a little bubbly and DVD/movie on your computer.  Don’t just have a beer in front of the TV after work, get outside, lay in the hammock, and enjoy your beer with a snack.

Plan creativity into your life: it may sound silly that you have to plan for creativity, being a creative individual, but sometimes the best way you can relax is by working on a personal creativity project or different project than you have to work on for your clients.  Always have some projects in the works that you can work on bits and pieces in break time you have.  Also having some projects that aren’t related to your typical area of creativity that you can relax and take a break with are great, like jewelry if you’re a photographer, painting if you’re a gardener, or scrapbooking if you’re a sculptor.

What are your creative suggestions for relaxing?

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