Cheesecake Choices

Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts.  It’s not an addiction, but it’s pretty good!  Since July 30th is the day we celebrate cheesecake in the USA, last year I shared some yummy cheesecake recipes. This year I’ve got some more recipes with suggestions on servings for you today.

1-No bake: if you don’t have time there are some great ideas for easy, and tasty no-bake cheesecakes.

Cherry cheesecake

No-bake cheesecake

Pumpkin swirl

Raspberry tarts

2-Make it to go: cheesecakes, and cakes in general, are hard to transport.  Here are some bite-sized ideas.

Cheesecake jars

Key lime bars

Hazelnut squares

Raspberry hearts

Chocolate squares

Ginger almond minis

Cheesecake cups

Savannah cheesecake cookies

3-fruit toppings: even if you can’t bake a whole cheesecake, you can still buy one and put a delicious fruit topping on it to dress it up.

Summer berry topping

Caramel apple



4-do it “right”: if you’re a die hard cheesecake fan you’ll probably just do it right and make a real cake

NY cheesecake

Sour cream

Low fat

5-try something new: if you’re a fan of new things, you’ll probably want to try these takes on a favorite.

Chocolate peanut butter

Caramel peanut butter

Black bottom

Cranberry filled

Sweet potato with gingersnap crust

Coconut macaroon

What’s your favorite flavor and thing to do with cheesecake?  Share your  ideas below.

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