Hungry for Vegetables I

June isn’t just fruit month, it’s also vegetable month!  To celebrate, our last two posts of June will be dedicated to 10 of the healthiest vegetables.  Almost all (if not all) are able to be grown in your backyard too!



Dragon’s breath chili

BLT pizza

Roasted tomato sauce

Tomato, corn and avocado salad

Stuffed tomatoes

Spicy tomato soup

Tomato mozzarella pie

Roasted tomato soup

Tomatoes with basil and mozzarella

Oven baked cherry tomatoes



Broccoli and cashew stir fry

Broccoli casserole

Cheese and broccoli soup

Broccoli salad

Cheese and broccoli crepes

Easy cheesy broccoli and rice

Gingered beef broccoli salad

Broccoli lasagna

Broccoli cole slaw

Chili garlic roasted broccoli

Cheesy mushroom and broccoli casserole

Brussels Sprouts

Cheesy gratin of brussles sprouts

Caramelized brussles sprouts with lemon

Brussels sprouts with pancetta

Fried brussles sprouts with walnuts and capers

Brussels sprouts with pecans and cranberries

Roasted cauliflower, brussles sprouts and Jerusalem artichokes

Brussels leaf salad

Grilled brussels sprouts


Play with your food

Carrot muffins

Carrot ginger dip

Carrot cheesecake

Carrot hummus

Carrot and pineapple cake


Butternut squash

Squash souffle

Squash casserole

Deep dish squash pie

Zucchini, yellow squash and carrot saute

Squash gratin

Roasted squash salad with warm cider vinaigrette

Squash lasagna

Roasted acorn squash and gorgonzola pizza

Squash soup with fontina cheese crostinis

What’s your favorite vegetable and way to cook it?  Share your ideas below.


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