Fabulous Fruit II

Happy Wednesday!  Today we’re continuing our look at fruit month with some more fabulous fruit recipes.


Fresh kiwi grape juice

Kiwi smoothie

White kiwi sangria

Kiwi and mango tartlets

Kiwi lemonade

Fizzy kiwi lemonade

Kiwi melon coolers

Kiwi lime pie


Wild blackberry turnovers

Blackberry fool

Blackberry crush

Blackberry crumbles

Blackberry cloud cake with pistachios

Blackberry swirl pound cake

Blackberry yogurt smoothies

Blackberry frozen yogurt

Frozen blackberry mousse

Blackberry strudel cookies

Blackberry swirl pie

Blackberry trifle


Tropical lime bites

Lime cooler

Hibiscus lime drink

Key lime cheesecake bars

Key lime fudge

Key lime tart

Frozen margaritas

Key lime cupcakes

Lime cookies

Lime sabayon

Margarita pie

Lime meltaways


Lemon love buns

Lemon custard cakes

Lemon icebox cookies

Frozen lemon mousse

Lemon madeleines

Lemon drop cupcakes

Lemon meringue pie

Lemon ice

Lemon bars

Lemon pudding souffle

Lemon cup

Lemon buns

Lemon cheesecake


Raspberry cheesecake

Raspberry jam

Raspberry lime freeze

Raspberry coolers

Raspberry sorbet

Raspberry bars

Vanilla raspberry panna cotta

Raspberry walnut rugelach

Raspberry creamsicles

Raspberry tarts

Raspberry crumb squares

Raspberry tea-sicles

Raspberry tiramisu


Plum oatmeal crisp

Plum butter

Tapioca pudding with glazed plums

Plum and port crostata

Vanilla, plum and buttermilk smoothie

Plum upside-down cake

Plum cake

Plum, citrus frozen yogurt

Dried plum spice cake

Plum galette


Pear and almond tart

Red wine and pear sorbet

Caramel pear terrine

Pear and granola muffins

Poached red pear zinfandel

Meringue with pears, hazlenuts and chocolate sauce

Chocolate pear pouches

Pear fritters

Pear frangipane tart

Ginger pear sorbet

Earl Grey poached pears with custard

Spicy chai poached pears

What’s your favorite fruit?? Share your favorites, and favorite recipes below.


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