Enjoying the Summer Creatively

Summer is just about here and to get the ball rolling right, I want to encourage you to not only be creative this summer, but also enjoy and be able to remember your great summer.  For me summer seems to go so quickly that when it’s over I wonder where my favorite months of the year went.  To keep some of that amazing summer passion alive longer, here are some ideas that you might want to try.

1-post pictures on the calendar, wall or bulletin board.  It’s super easy and cheap these days to print out your best pictures that can inspire you and remind your family of the fun you’ve had and the places you’ve gone.  Posting them in an obvious place is not only great for when guests come over, it’s also a great reminder and smile-maker for you.

2-shoebox memories.  At the beginning of the summer give each kid (and yourself) a shoebox or other box where you can store treasures from the summer.  Maybe the kids will want to make a rock collection or shell collection, and maybe you’ll want to collect trinkets from fairs and markets.  Giving each person a box they can fill or do what they like with is a way to encourage conversations and learning experience after the summer has ended.

3-daily blog.  Maybe you’re more of the writing type.  If so, you can share daily blog posts that your extended family and friends could follow along and see and hear about all the great things you’re experiencing.

4-schedule in relaxation.  All creative people need downtime for their brains to process the inputs and be able to make all the creative connections that will help you with your creative output.  Since it’s summer you’ve got the perfect excuse to actually plan relaxation into your day.  Of course, I suggest you relax outside whenever possible 🙂

5-get exposed to new things.  Don’t take the same vacation again, or if you do make sure to stop and see new places and things along the way or nearby.  One of the best ways to get inspired is to see and experience new things, and you can’t do that if you’re doing the same thing over and over again.

6-don’t take pictures of what everyone else does, capture different things.  Not only will you have some fantastically different and creative pictures that people could buy from you, you’ll also have new inspiration that those who are still taking pictures of sunsets won’t have.  Of course you can still take pictures of the sunset, but take the time to look at other things too.

What will you do this summer to capture, create and enjoy the creativity of summer?  Share your ideas below.


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