Creative June Birthdays II

On Monday we took a look at 4 creative individuals who were born in June and made an amazing impact on the creative world.  Today we look at 4 more individuals.

Scott Adams:
Creator of the cartoon Dilbert, this man born on June 4th, has forever impacted the worlds of creativity and business.  He gave many people an outlet for their frustrations, and most importantly a voice to the masses.  His simple characters have brought a smile to our faces knowing we’re not alone.  Get lots more Dilbert humor here.

Maurice Sendak:
Born June 10, Sendak spoke not only to our creative senses with his stories, but also our secrets with “Where the Wild Things Are”. This designer and illustrator brought life to our dreams and fantasies.  He is also known for the character of Little Bear and designed sets for many famous theater productions.

Vera Wang:
This creative designer was born June 27th, and has made a huge impact on the fashion industry.   Uninspired by what she saw, Wang let her creativity loose to inspire the fashion and wedding industry.  Thanks to her creativity, the fashion and wedding industries will forever be changed.  You can check out her blog here.

Frank Lloyd Wright:
Born June 8th, this man has totally captured my heart and attention for years.  His simple lines, intricate designs and attention to detail fascinates me.  His work spanned the globe and although we’ve lost some of the structures he designed, there are still many that remain to inspire the next generation of architects.  You can learn more at the Taliesin website.

Taking time to recognize the people who have made an impact on the creative world is important.  If you’ve got a birthday in June, I’d love to celebrate you too! Share your birthday and creative passion below.

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