Memorial Day Memories

If you live in the USA, it’s Memorial Day!  It’s a day for us to all remember and thank the troops who have fought for us in the past, and those who are still fighting.  If you’re thinking red, white and blue, you can check out this blog post or this one that I wrote last year-and don’t worry, I’ll be thinking red, white and blue for the 4th of July in a few weeks.  Today however, we’re talking about memories. The really good thing about memories is that you don’t need a physical something to remind you about the memories, they’re in your head.  But, having that physical remembrance is nice too.  Here are a couple of ideas to help you and your family treasure the memories of the soldiers in your family (as well as all your other family memories).

~most obvious is to create a scrapbook. Picture albums have really come a long way from what they used to be.  Now we can include pictures, writing, and other kinds of memories all in the pages of a beautiful scrapbook.  It’s a way to not only preserve the memories but the experience as well.

~make a memory jar. These are clear or lightly colored glass jars that have wider mouths so you can put objects in them.  Martha Stewart has a couple of examples here.

~create a memory wall.  This cool wire/string display lets you share all the photos you want, in a neat, orderly fashion as well as be able to change and update them as you feel led.

~write a book.  This is a little more of a time commitment, but usually worth the time.  Actually writing down the stories either in journal or story fashion for your future generations as well as maybe even the rest of the world lets you share more than a photo does.

What about you?  How do you preserve the memories in your life for future generations?

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