Summer Salads

It’s almost summer, and to kick things off in the USA we celebrate May as National Salad Month.  To get your fresh and healthy summer started, here are some options you might enjoy making (even a couple guilty pleasures)!

Green & Veggie

Pizza salad

Spinach and pine nut

Chop chop

Cornbread cobb

Corn, avocado and tomato

Taco salad

Crunchy sprout and daikon salad

Mediterranean chopped

Chopped Greek

Spinach salad with raspberry vinaigrette

Jicama salad

Green & Meat

Chinese chicken

Southern cobb

Light-n-tangy Asian salad with chicken

Asian chicken

Sesame vegetable salad with chicken

Shrimp and avocado salad

Chopped salad with shrimp and lime

Shrimp and snap pea salad with ginger dressing

Asian salad with salmon

Steak salad with goat cheese

Southwestern steak salad

Cucumber, mango, chili-spiced pork salad


Asian chicken

Confetti salad

Chopped salmon salad

Oriental cabbage slaw

Bok choy carrot and apple

Carrot cumin

Cucumber salad with sour cream and dill

Crab salad cups

Even more

Thai peanut noodle salad

Broccoli salad

Chickpea salad

Gazpacho shrimp salad

Garden pasta salad with chicken

Guacamole potato salad

Barley vegetable salad

Boston bean salad


Yellow pepper vinaigrette

Tomato basil vinaigrette

Lemon ginger herb dressing

Pomegranate vinaigrette


Tropical fruit toss

Melon and blueberry

Honey lime fruit salad

What’s your favorite salad or salad dressing?  Share your ideas and salad tips below.

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