Eating Earth Day

Sunday is Earth Day and if you’re going to be out doing some good for the earth, you should eat good food too!  To kick off your Earth Day celebrations here are some delicious, and healthy, recipes.

Sides & Snacks

Lunch box taco salad

Chicken salad with peaches & walnuts

Spicy potato wedges

Potato & snap peas

Spring peas with dates & walnuts

Quinoa salad with apples & almonds

Veggie chips

Golden gazpacho

Chickpea radicchio salad

Apple, walnut & endive salad

Glazed baby carrots

Mango & roasted cashew salad

Sugar snap pea salad with quinoa citrus vinaigrette

Main Meals

Penne with peppers

Spinach lasagna rollups

Spinach fettuccine primavera

Roasted shitakes & pacific cod

Whole wheat greek pizza

Desserts & Delights

Vanilla yogurt fruit dip

Vegan banana blueberry muffins

Apple ladybugs

Dirt cups


Strawberry rhubarb tart

Granola bars

Worm cupcakes

Earth Day bars

What are your plans for Earth Day?  Do you have a favorite food you like to eat while outside? Share your thoughts below

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