What a Beautiful World

This month we’re thinking about what we can all do to make the world a better place.  One of the things Americans celebrate is that April is Keep America Beautiful Month.  Even if you’re not living in America, you too can make a difference for your part of the world.  Here are a few suggestions for making your world greener and cleaner.

-put trash where it goes

-pick up trash

-think about your water consumption

-plant native plants

-support natural places-the Nature Conservancy is one way to do so.

-drive a greener car/carpool/mass transportation

-be a better steward of what you have so you throw out less

-choose packaging that’s easy to recycle and doesn’t waste resources

-recycle more

compost-it’s easy and you can do it at home

-plant trees or support those who do


In general, if we were all more conscious of what we do, where we go, how we do things and what we had we would be able to keep America and the world beautiful.  What do you do to help keep the Earth beautiful?

2 thoughts on “What a Beautiful World

  1. findingcharm says:

    I recycle everything! I hardly have trash every week. I also try to reuse all that I can or repurpose. We all have to do something!

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