Holy Dishes

Easter and Passover have totally snuck up on us!  I can’t believe it’s so early this month!  Today I’m sharing a collection of Easter and Passover recipes for your upcoming celebrations.





Castilian potato casserole

Braised short ribs

Carrot and spinach salad

Gefilte fish

Cheese latkes and roasted apples

Vegetable puffs

Matzoh pizza


Passover cake

Chocolate cake

Lemon sorbet

Apricot squares

Chocolate matzo crunch

Matzo brei with apples



Spiced tea punch

More matzos



French toast casserole

Easter dove bread

Ham and cheese bake

Southern biscuits

Banana crunch muffins

Rustica pie

Peach pancakes and chai syrup

Mini ham and cheese quiches

Asparagus, tomato and fontina frittata

Strawberry bellini


Scalloped potatoes

Orzo salad

Roasted asparagus

Shrimp bisque

Twice baked potatoes

Brie en croute

Orange baked ham

Herbed leg of lamb with roasted turnips

Baked Mediterranean cod and asparagus


Spring fling icebox dessert

Pastry puff eggs

Fluffer bunnies

Lemon curd trifle with fresh berries

Orange chocolate bread pudding

Mini lemon meringue pies

Hot cross buns

Hummingbird nests

Bunny Cupcakes

Will you be celebrating Easter or Passover this year?  What food traditions do you have in your family?


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