Spring Snacks

This month is the month of spring!  I’m so excited to be seeing green again in the world.  If you’re as excited as I am, you’ll love these snack ideas that are just as fresh as spring.


Bubbly berries and grapefruit

Fairy berries

Strawberry sparkles


Stuffed cucumber cups

Vegetable soup

Oven roasted spring vegetables

Spring peas with dates and walnuts

Chickpea radicchio salad

Glazed baby carrots

Potato egg salad

Roasted beets with feta

Chop chop salad


Beef kebobs with grilled Asian slaw

Mini flat bread pizzas

Quinoa salad with apples and almonds

Spring sweet bread recipe

Spring greens and roasted chicken

Ribollita soup

Taco salad

Spring herb rice

Mango and roasted cashew salad

Sugar snap pea salad with quinoa citrus vinaigrette

Cupcakes & Cake

Flower basket cupcake

Kite cupcake

Strawberry torte

Butterfly banana cupcake

Flower power cupcake

Flower power cake


Almond, cornmeal and strawberry shortcakes

Blackberry crumbles

Blackberry fool

Lemon bars

I’m off to make a fresh green salad, what foods do you enjoy most in spring?


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