Craft Month: Quilting

Saturday, March 17th was national quilting day in the USA.  Quilting is one of those crafts that always interests me-I’ve got quilts around the house that my mother and grandmother have made, they’re very special to me.  Why do people quilt?

1-it tells a story.  Many people make quilts with fabrics that are part of their family, for example t-shirts that are too small, blankets that are old or are just favorites from someone who passed away.  It’s a way to continue the memory long after the fabrics are in use.

2-it’s a beautiful way to express art. I love seeing the big picture of quilting as well as seeing how the individual pieces fit together. It’s like people, we’re all made of individual parts, yet when it’s all put together we get something pretty fantastic.

I always love checking out quilts online, seeing the beautiful handiwork of seamstresses like Linda and QuiltTops.

What stories and memories do you have of quilting?


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